Social security payday advances

Social security fund was created by the government in the year 1935 under the Social Security Act. This fund was developed especially for those disabled people, retired people who are not able to earn there living. Thus the government took it as a duty to help these people and launched the social security law. There is certain criterion that needs to be fulfilled to get these benefits from the government. The disability benefit depends on the work history of the patient. Some of the guidelines for getting into Social security payday advances:

  • You must have worked in a firm that has paid the social security taxes for 5 years during the last 10 years of your job in that company.
  • There is a date called the onset of disability that refers to the date when you first become disabled. Thus you must have a record of the onset of disability.
  • The working years can be in discontinuity, this means that it is not mandatory that you have a continues work graph, all that is needed to avail the social security payday loans is that you have 5 years when you pay the social security tax, that’s it.
  • Medical requirement: The medical requirements are such that you must not be able to work in the company for a period of one complete year or more. It does not mean that you cannot work for a year, it just that the condition is so severe that the doctor feels that you cannot work for a year. The disability is not only physical that comes under this category; there are large number of mental disabilities also that prevent you from working. You can get the Social security payday advances benefit even in those cases.

The evaluation of all these conditions is not done by the social security authorities, but the tests are performed by the agencies of state that you reside in. this agency is known as the Disability Determination Services. This firm is the sole body that controls all the tests and finally generates the result of the social security guidelines. The report can be generated in 120 days or less and it depends on the authorities to decide whether you are eligible or not to take the benefits of the social security loan. The application which you fill prior to the report is called the Social Security Disability application; this is the application on which the report is generated.

Once you are eligible for the loan then you can avail all the facilities that are provided by the payday loans.