SyndiCrowd is a finance and technology company that aims to make investing in loans a whole lot easier than it was, and this New York based company is simplifying the process and opening doors for those who maybe don’t have the personal connections to make things happen. Dealing with auto finance companies, consumer credit companies and real estate agencies, SyndiCrowd helps investors find the right place to put their money while keeping portfolios diversified.

Investing in loans is a difficult area for the individual investor to enter alone and that’s where SyndiCrowd comes into the equation. SyndiCrowd offers monthly returns that are based on performance of loans and assets and their diligent application process ensures not only regulatory compliance but also that the right candidates are provided with access to loans and finance, and there is another string to their bow as you may also borrow directly from SyndiCrowd too.

Borrow or Invest

To become a SyndiCrowd investor then you'll need to register on the site and if approved you'll become a member of what is essentially a crowdfunding loans company. Acceptance means that you're able to diversify your own portfolio while at the same time helping individuals and small business alike and it can provide high returns on small initial risks. Becoming a private investor with SyndiCrowd can offer a safe fixed income and it’s up to you how you wish your money to be invested or in which area you wish it to be loaned to.

It’s not all about investing however as SyndiCrowd also allows borrowers. When borrowing from SyndiCrowd then there’s a simple application process and they work directly with auto loan companies, mortgage and real estate companies as well as credit companies, who may access cash from SyndiCrowd investors.